How to Treat and Cover Acne-Pimples Fast? SOS Survival Training!

Get ready, because this is real SOS Survival Training! Wedding? First date? Job interview? Or that long awaited party tomorrow? Do you feel excited? We do…but wait!!!! There are so many things that can ruin your perfect day! Acne-pimples are one of them. Thankfully, there are so many ways to treat and cover acne-pimples, and luckily, we are here to help you survive. Let’s start our training:

Rule #1: Skincare first.

No matter how good your concealer is, the right skin care is a crucial step in treating those unwelcomed visitors on your face. Don’t skip this step! The smoother the texture of your skin, the smoother your makeup will apply and the longer it will last.

# Exfoliation works.

Exfoliation is not magic, but it works magic. It helps to unplug clogged pores and remove dead cells. Paint works better on a smooth canvas, right? The same applies to your makeup.

# Use a clay face mask.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you should try a clay mask. It gives you a deep clean, leaving your skin and pores looking and feeling smoother.

# Have you ever heard of a substance called ‘Ichthammol’?

When I get an inflamed pimple, its redness is the trickiest part to cover. It’s hard to conceal, and it’s annoying. We are sure many of you share the same obstacle, which is why the most critical SOS Survival step is to minimize that redness!

Ichthammol is known as a ‘black drawing salve’, and it is an active pharmaceutical ingredient of natural origin. It’s well tolerated, and its efficiency is well documented (we are fact nerds!). Ichthammol has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antimycotic properties. Sound cool? We think so, and we are so in love with it because it’s not a drying substance and it works.

Rule #2: Makeup second.

Covering acne-pimples can be tricky, time-consuming and frustrating.

# Keep it simple.

Your concealer should have a thick texture. Wet and slippery textures will not work if you want to cover a pimple. Use a tiny precision brush to cover only the pimple and the surrounding redness. Remember, heavy coverage will just make it look worse. Also, don’t use too much powder on your pimples. I love highlighted and glowing skin. However, if my pimple appears on my cheekbones, I skip the highlighting. We don’t want to emphasize those pesky bumps!

Congratulations recruits…Your training is now complete and you’re ready to embark on the world smooth and bump free!




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