Things I Changed in My Skincare Routine and Why?

Akvile's Birthday

Guys, today is a special day for me – it’s my birthday. Uhhuuu! And you know what? Completly changing my skincare routine has totally transformed my skin. Healthy functioning skin doesn’t need much, and today I can see that. Our Exfoliate – Target – Moisturize mantra has become my every day ritual and I live for it. Let me explain Why.

I have combination acne-prone skin: sometimes oily, sometimes dry and sometimes just crazy. Stress, poor diet or the wrong skin care products drive my skin (and me!) totally nuts and cause breakouts.

# I used to think that acid exfoliation was bad for my skin.

It’s true. I thought acids were bad for my skin. Do you remember that scene from Sex and The City where Samantha totally ruined her face with some beauty procedure? Her face was red, patchy and flaky. Sound scary?

Acid peels are true heroes if using them right! The trick is to always go for a safe concentration! Acid exfoliation totally transformed my skin. If you are a virgin in the acid world, here are some of my personal tips for you:

1. Start slowly, step-by-step

Be gentle to your skin. Before applying any acid exfoliant on your face, perform patch tests. Be smart and go for a lower percentage at the beginning. A light itching is a normal reaction. Don’t panic. Be careful not to push your skin to the limit, and do not over-exfoliate. You will not reach better results if you exfoliate your skin 5 times a day. Follow the instructions.

2. Use the correct acid peel

Where to begin? Every skin need is different. If you are suffering from oily, acne-prone skin, Glycolic or Salicylic acids can be the right choice for you. These two acids keep my pores clean! Lactic acid is a little milder than Glycolic acid and doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply. If your skin feels dehydrated, go for a Lactic acid! My all-time favorite is Succinic (Amber) acid. Never heard of it? It’s a very gentle acid, which helps to detoxify the skin and literally brings the glow back!

3. Use a sunscreen

Many studies show that acid exfoliation can increase photosensitivity. Be cautious. Your new baby cells need protection.

# I stopped using drying skin-care products on my pimples.

I hate pimples. Everyone does. Let’s scream ‘Dry them out!’ However, what I learned during all these years is that drying creams do not make my skin look any better. Maybe it dries the pimple, but the skin around will be patchy, flaky, and dry too. If you try to conceal it, it just gets messy and looks even worse! My advice to you: go for anti-inflammatory creams. Get the inflammation process under control. It reduces the size of the pimple and it will be so much easier to cover it up.

That’s it. Healthy skin first, clear skin second.

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