Clear Skin Army Starter Kit Product Review

Before this review starts I have a confession to make to the Clear Skin Army…I don’t have a skincare routine gasp. My skin is unpredictable with its breakouts and oiliness so I jump from one product to another hoping for a quick fix. The sheer number of products and combinations in the beauty market is enough to make me want to run and hide.

Now to get to the point… I’ve been testing the itsmebeauty Clear Skin Army starter kit for two days now and already it has made me realize how simple and effective a skincare routine can be. It contains three products: Exfoliant, SOS Target Solution and Controlling Cream (+ some extra goodies I will mention later).

To learn how to layer products properly can be frustrating, so, itsmebeauty has developed a mantra to help the Clear Skin Army out a little: Exfoliate-Treat-Moisturize. This is explained in the helpful directions that come with the kit. Hallelujah! Finally, I’m emerging out of the fog of confusion and into the light of a simple and effective skincare routine.

The Three P’s Review… 

 Clear Skin Army Product Review

# Packaging

Sweet and simple. I’m using this word a lot but simplicity is truly the vibe of this kit. Its sleek black box is minimal and sophisticated and the fun comes when you open the kit and each product is its own bright pop of color! I’d be completely satisfied with this alone but as I rummaged around in search of goodies out emerged a super cute sticker set (also fantastic quality) to customize the bottles with! Also, the pumps are incredibly practical making sure none of the product goes unused.

# Products

Well this is the most important part, isn’t it? The first thing to note is that the Clear Skin Army kit is fragrance-free and vegan – fantastic! I followed their instructions and tried the Exfoliant 10 minute weekly mask first, which left my skin feeling lovely and smooth. I then used the SOS Target Treatment since winter is not being kind to my skin. The next day I suffered from no irritation and my blemishes were no longer inflamed. Lastly, the Controlling Cream quickly soaked into my skin leaving it feeling moisturized but not sticky or oily like some products can. I still can’t believe how simple all this was. I’m truly grateful for the ease this brought to my skincare routine.

# Presents

If all of the above wasn’t good enough you also get some festive postcards in your Clear Skin Army kit from the x Christina Kohlmus collaboration. I already know who I’ll be sending mine to! Do you?

Check in with me next month for my 2-week trial Clear Skin Army kit review!


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