Skin Care for Men

Skin care for men. Really?

Men & skin care? Men caring about their skin? NO WAY!

What is the first thought that comes to mind? Let’s see. You are probably thinking skin care is only for women, right? Or you are thinking “Are you kidding me? My girlfriend would leave me if I used her products!” I know. I don’t want to hear my girlfriend complaining that I am using the mirror longer than her either. But hey, we want to look good, for us and to be honest for them also.

When you are thinking about skin care you may wonder: How many products should I buy? Which products? How do I use them? Why should I use them? Well the answer is simple. Always go for simple. Men are easy. At least most of us are. My skin care routine is very easy.

The most important thing to do is to keep it simple: clean, remove the garbage and get your skin fresh. It’s kind of like cleaning your kitchen. It’s not rocket science. It comes down to three simple steps: 1. clean your skin. 2. exfoliate to remove the deeper dirt. 3. moisturize to leave your skin fresh. If you need extra care, treat your imperfections before you moisturize.

Skin care for man

Exfoliate your skin

Skin care for men moisturizers

Yes, skin care is important for guys too! Of course if you are interested in the subject, there is tons of information around the web. But, to begin with you have some weapons for the mirror battle.

Do you use any skin care products? Share your story with us!

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