How Do You Shave With Acne? – Five Steps To A Safe Shave

Shaving with acne or other blemishes can be a painful, dangerous endeavor. One option is to just grow a beard and forget it. But if you aren’t into that look, here are a five steps to get your shave as close as possible without slicing off half your face.

Five Steps To A Safe Shave

Step One: Gently Cleanse.

Use a ph-balanced cleanser and don’t be too rough. If you need to cleanse deeper in the pores, use an acid exfoliant. Scrubbing will only irritate the hair follicles and possibly cause more acne. Use lots of warm water to soften the hair.

Step Two: Oil up.

Applying oil first will make the hairs soft and slippery, so you lower the chances of cutting yourself. Thinking oil will cause more acne? Not true. Just be sure to use a pure natural oil, like argan. Read here about comedogenics. 

Step Three: Lather up.

Remember, alcohols and soaps are drying, which results in the skin over-producing sebum and oils, which leads to more acne. So use a shaving cream instead that has natural ingredients and moisturizers.

Step Four: Go with the grain.

If you have blemishes or acne, shaving is obviously more challenging. You will need to accept that you simply can not shave quite as closely. Otherwise you risk not only nicking your sores and spreading bacteria, but also disturbing the hair follicles, which can result in more acne. Shave carefully, in the direction that the hair grows. Going against the grain will normally give you a closer shave, but with acne you have to use more caution. There is some controversy about whether a single blade razor or multiple blade razors cause more irritation. Everyone is different so listen to your skin!

Step Five: Moisturize.

When you are done shaving you will need rinse all that junk off thoroughly with lots of warm (not hot!) water. Follow that up with a moisturizer. Remember, even oily, acne-prone skin needs moisturizing! And after shaving your face can use some calming hydration.

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