Loving Yourself This Christmas! Tips for Staying Healthy

Christmas is a time of temptation. I’m tempted to overspend, overeat and under sleep (and perhaps indulge in a little too much Glühwein…). While all these things are fun they tend to culminate with me ill in bed. This is bad for my health and my skin. I am not going to suggest The Clear Skin Army stops giving into temptation (because where’s the fun in that!) but I will give you a few self-tested tips that may help you avoid the sniffles and a major breakout to boot!

Tips for Staying Healthy & Happy This Winter

# Hand Sanitizer

Whether I’m shopping, celebrating at a Christmas party, or wandering the Christmas Markets at this time of year I am usually out and about a lot. This results in me touching a lot of things – most likely dirty/germy things… Ewww…

Now, if my hands are dirty/germy and I touch my face pop! a pimple will magically appear OR even worse if I touch my mouth shudder that usually means instant illness (which is equally as awful for my acne). Hand-sanitizer is small and portable and can be used at a moments notice – it’s easy and, dare I say, handy solution to your dirty/germy woes.[1] 

# Overkill (don’t do it)

As I mentioned (see Skin Care Regime for Winter Skin) winter can be cruel to our acne-prone skin. It’s got the potential for indoor-heating and winter-winds, which can cause dryness – as if oily acne prone skin needed anything else to contend with! You may be wondering what I mean by ‘overkill’? The answer is not to smother your skin with loads of products – KEEP IT SIMPLE!

I’m currently doing a two-week trial of the Clear Skin Army starter kit. It’s proving to be a fantastically simple option to combat my tricky over-indulged (did I already mention Glühwein?) winter skin. When my skin is oily/dehydrated I use the Exfoliant (always making sure to use the Controlling Cream afterwards). When I need some extra help with my breakouts I use the SOS Target Treatment. I literally need no other products. Although a moisturizing facemask here and there never hurts!

# Have Fun & Keep Moving!

Don’t let the winter blues make you lethargic & lazy! I know it’s hard to force yourself to be active when it gets dark at 4 pm but give it a go.

Wander around the beautifully decorated streets and stretch those legs – explore! I’m not suggesting a strenuous workout regime just make sure that you are walking off all that ‘temptation’. I feel physically healthier and also a little less guilty for having some festive fun!

Staying healthy in winter isn’t always easy! Perhaps these few tips are just the beginning. Are there any you’d like to add to our “Staying Healthy” list? 😉

Christmas Spirit

[1] Bloomfield SF et al., “The effectiveness of hand hygiene procedures in reducing the risks of infections in home and community settings including handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers” (2007) 35 American Journal of Infection Control.

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