Genna’s Clear Skin Army Mission

Genna and her babyI have very recently had the opportunity to test the Clear Skin Army Starter Kit. I was a little dubious at first, as I don’t normally follow a proper skincare routine. The first reason being; I have never found a routine that was worth the time or effort it takes to do it properly. The second reason; I have a 4-month old baby who likes to take up just about every waking moment I have…

About my skin…

I have never had major issues with my skin, but now that I am older, I get patches of dead skin that my makeup seems to cake onto, and I have under-the-skin acne that are tiny bumps along my jawline and cheeks. I also get the odd hormone pimple at ‘that-time-of-the-month’ which normally come right when I have a dinner, a party or a wedding to attend! Oh, how I miss the clean and clear pregnancy skin! I never realized how imperfect my skin was until I lost my perfect pregnancy glow and it all went back to normal.

Now onto the products!

Product review exfoliate

The kit includes 3 things, Exfoliant, SOS Target Solution and Controlling Cream. Firstly, I must say, I was impressed with the bottles. Normally, at the end of a bottle or tube I’m fruitlessly squeezing, banging or swinging it above my head just to try and get the last 10 percent of the product out! This is not an issue I’ll have with these bottles, because of the decent pump which brings all the product to the top. And the lids stay on! This has become quite important now that I have had to learn to do everything one handed. Holding a baby on one arm and putting a lid back on a bottle with the other can be rather annoying when the lid pops off 2 seconds later and rolls under the sink…


The Exfoliate-Treat-Moisturize routine sounded simple enough to try while my daughter was awake. For those of you with children, you will understand how brave that was!

Following the instructions, I set out on my testing mission…

# Exfoliant

While my baby was happily playing on the bathroom floor, I thought I’d try the 10-minute weekly mask. This is the first time I have tried an acid exfoliator. Normally I use an exfoliant that has a rough substance such as salt or pits. I find these hard to rinse off and I always manage to get one of the bits in my eye!

This acid exfoliant was so much easier to use. I only needed a small amount as it goes on nice and thinly when massaging it in. This meant I could entertain the little-floor-monster during the 10-minute wait time, without worrying about it dripping everywhere. After rinsing it off, I noticed the difference straight away. My skin was so much smoother! I am extremely impressed considering I have only used it once. I am pretty excited to use it as a daily exfoliant to see what kind of results I get, but so far so good!

# SOS Target Solution

I only had one obviously visible acne when I tried this, and it was nearly healed, so I will give this another try next month when the next round of spots arrive! I can, however, mention how far the cream goes. A tiny portion on your finger goes a very long way on your skin. If it’s anything like the exfoliant, it will work well when I need it (I have a wedding in a few weeks, so fingers crossed!).

# Controlling Cream

As my skin is getting a little older I would class it as normal to dry. Because of this, I was a little hesitant on the controlling cream. I used it on the places I know I get acne such as my jawline and chin. I was surprised to find that even a couple of hours later, my skin still didn’t feel dry or itchy which tends to happen when I try new products designed for combination skin.

All-in-all, I’m very happy I decided to give this a go. It was a lot simpler than a few things I’ve tried, and as I mentioned, I am impressed with seeing some results after one application! And all of this before my daughter got bored with playing with her own feet!

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