Featured Artwork: Confidence

confidence artwork

We are proud to feature the first submission for our Baby It’s My Story project!  Our first theme is Confidence.  What does confidence mean to you? What makes you glow with confidence?  In what ways have you struggled with confidence?  Show us your story!


Artist Profile:

My name is Steffi. I‘m 21 years old and live in Hamburg, Germany. I‘m a hobby artist and am currently working at a cinema while I figure life out. Things I love? K-Pop, Katzen (cats) and Kaffee (coffeee). I am also obsessed with makeup and skincare.

Art has always been the one thing I thought I did best. But when I applied to a fine arts University I was told, “Your art isn‘t mature enough“, and that my style reminds them of “crappy comics from Japan“.

It’s really painful when you pour your heart out and then hear that your portfolio is not original enough. Shouldn‘t art be about sharing your thoughts and emotions, instead of just conforming to someone else‘s idea of what art should be?

I believe if you want to draw, you should draw to express yourself.  No matter what others tell you. – Steffi K.

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