Embracing Imperfection: Skin Care Rituals for the Modern Goddess

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. ― Marilyn Monroe

Most women feel self-conscious about their skin at some point. Marilyn Monroe was a beauty goddess in her day, and I bet even she had bad skin days! Beauty standards can have a limited view on what is considered beautiful, causing women to focus on ‘fixing’ their skin, rather than caring for it. How we feel in our skin determines whether a woman feels confident about her body or not, and perceived imperfection can deeply affect our self-esteem. However, those small skin imperfections make us unique. Our faces and their lines, spots, and expressions tell a story.

Finding time to appreciate our skin, especially on the days we find that challenging is a celebration of self-love and care. It’s possible to feel like a goddess no matter what kind of skin you’re in! We all have the power to own our imperfections by embracing a beauty regime as a modern ritual of daily self-love. In owning imperfection, we can change our attitude from fixing ourselves, to enjoying the luxury of honoring our bodies. Why? Because when we love the body we are in, we take care of it!

# What is a skin imperfection?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you focus on your enlarged pores, acne blemishes, blackheads on the nose? Maybe you’re self-conscious about certain wrinkles or skin pigmentation? Dark under eye circles? Fatigue, stress, hormones and seasonal changes all affect our skin, and we’re not always happy with the effect! You see, imperfect is a funny concept, it’s different for everyone. I find the best guide is to start with just the one thing that bothers you most. Don’t panic, be kind to your skin. A little kindness goes a long way (also realize no one looks as critically at your skin as you do!). Though we can’t help genetics or skin type, we can do something manage some of the skin issues by adopting a self-nurturing skincare ritual.

# 1. Find a great dermatologist.

If you haven’t already got a great dermatologist, it might be a good idea to find one! An initial appointment is always a good idea, especially if you’re experiencing skin issues (such as inflammation) that require medical help. Specific products may need to be avoided for certain skin types, and if you’re not sure, professional advice will clarify your options.

# 2. Protection is a key.

Use sunscreen! Yes, even in winter! If you’re still not wearing sunscreen all year long, you can easily find ways to incorporate sun protection into your daily routine. Use sunscreen under your foundation, or use products that contain a natural SPF. Most skin issues that appear later in life, such as pigmentation and wrinkles, can be prevented by protection from UV rays. Technology has come a long way in making sunscreens and tanning products that mean we don’t need to sunbake or be sticky and oily using sunscreen.

 # 3. Prevention is always better than cure.

Leaving blemishes, or inflamed skin is not only irritating, but it can cause long-term damage. Deal with blemishes gently, and avoid scratching or squeezing so you don’t expose your skin to bacteria and scarring.

# 4. Accept what you are.

Are you still wishing for skin you can only get with an Instagram filter? It’s time to be honest about what we can and can’t change about our skin. We can’t make pores disappear entirely, but using a decent cleanser and taking time each day to give our skin the love it deserves, instead of criticizing it, is the first step to celebrating our unique beauty.

# So, how does it feel to find acceptance with my skin?

Changing my focus from perfection to embracing my imperfection feels amazing! I am obsessed with my skincare routine, but not because I feel like I need ‘fixing’, but because it makes me feel beautiful to spend that ‘me time’ looking after my body. I have acne-prone skin, and I always treat my blemishes very carefully. Personally, I love acid exfoliation from our Clear Skin Army line, because it helps me to keep my enlarged pores under control, and I don’t need an excuse to pop on a face mask.

The moment you realize you can stop worrying about those unachievable beauty standards, you are already perfect! Self-love is confidence, and it suits everyone! Find a skincare regime that makes you feel great about your body. It’s all about self-love, small indulgences, and finding that special ‘me time’ in our busy lives.


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