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Hi Guys,

Let’s talk about beauty, and let’s talk about skin care. My skin is very nervous and very high maintenance. I mean it – a real drama. Sometimes (most of the time) it drives me just nuts.

For many years (at least a half of my life!) I have been suffering from diverse breakouts – everything started with the teenage acne, then I moved to the adult acne followed by PMS or stress related breakouts… You can imagine the happiness of clear and bright skin, and sadness of unexpected and uncontrollable breakouts! My breakouts are really uncontrollable, and I’m a control freak. At least I can control my skin care routine. 🙂 I believe I have a cream for every problem!

During all these years, I wasted so much money on different creams and empty promises that came with them. Who doesn’t believe in magic and Santa? I really did or at least I wanted to believe that some cream could change my skin entirely, solve all my problems, stop global warming, teach me coding and make a world a better place. Good skin is genetics and piece of work. Hard work & dedication. Sounds difficult, I know!

What did I learn during all these years? Many brands are overpriced, and many formulas do not deliver. There is no magic. My skin reacts well to acids (AHA & BHA). I use them every day. Products with Zink help me keep my acne-prone skin and breakouts under control. I prefer clinical formulations, and ingredients that really work for me.

But you know what? Skin care should be easy and fun, because we have so much drama around us. At least I do! Effective formulations, easy & travel friendly packaging, non-toxic ingredients… That’s it! Let’s have less drama!

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Drama Queen

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