Clear Skin Army – The Launch of Our Limited Edition

Guys, we are so excited and über-happy to introduce our first limited edition starter kit from our Clear Skin Army line! It’s a special line for us and we hope it will be special for you too :). We started from scratch – we searched for a lab which meets our high expectations and supports our philosophy; we learned how to design, be very creative and how to hustle. Why? The answer is simple – we are passionate about what we do and we have a clear vision of what we want. And what we want is products that work!

We love our acne-prone skin, just the way it is. We own our imperfections – all our scars, blemishes, enlarged pores and character lines, and we are proud of our un-photoshopped, real, honest, flawed, loveable faces. And that’s why we need to take special care of them! Not because we feel that we need ‘fixing’, but because we embrace our self-love.

# Sneak peek behind the scenes


Dr Akvile Ignotaite

We are real people behind our imperfect beauty brand – totally perfect in our imperfections. Our founder Akvile had an idea to create a beauty brand that doesn’t promote beauty standards and perfection. Instead, we believe ‘We Own Our Imperfections’. We love taking care of our skin. We love products that help us to embrace our self-love and confidence. Moreover, we adore all the little things that make us happy.

# Why limited edition?

To build a decent skincare routine can be challenging. To learn how to layer products properly can be frustrating (at least for us!). So we thought, let’s start with a skincare routine and our Exfoliate-Treat-Moisturize mantra. We made it easy; one box – three products. Just start and enjoy. Moreover, we made our starter kit as cool as it can be – bright and fun colors, functional airless dispensers, funny stickers and the Baby It’s Me very special, sleek black box. Don’t throw it away – upcycle! Use it for your make-up brushes or to hide your little secrets ;). Take a photo, post it and tag us. We will love you forever!

# Which products?

Meet our Clear Skin Army Warriors:

Clear Skin Army Launch


  • Private Yellow Sam-The-Smooth Exfoliant aka Glycolic Acid 7% + BHA
  • Officer Blue Clara-The-Clear Solution aka SOS Target Solution Spot Treatment
  • Admiral Purple Harry-The- Control Moisturizer aka Controlling Cream with Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C

Our products are vegan, gluten free and paraben free. They smell naturally odd (in case you wonder!), because we didn’t want any fragrance in our skincare products. Who needs fragrance in our skincare products? We don’t!

# Check out our collaboration!

To put you in the festive mood, we asked Christina Kohlmus to collaborate with us. Ho-ho-ho! You will find our cute Christmas cards inside the black box ;).

The wait is over! We hope you are now all ready to enlist with the Clear Skin Army! Let’s get started, recruits!

Have fun! The discount ends on Cyber Monday.

Free EU Shipping … Oh, Baby It’s Me!


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