Clear Skin Army Starter Kit 2-Week Product Testing Review

Product Review for Clear Skin Army

A little while ago I wrote a product review for the Clear Skin Army Starter Kit (see Clear Skin Army Starter Kit Product Review) in which the word of the day was simplicity. However, I had only just received the products and hadn’t yet had the chance to test their long-term usage. I’m sure the Clear Skin Army will be thrilled to hear that The Three P’s are back with some minor changes!

Three P’s Review, Chapter 2: 

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# Practicality

This is my chance to repeat myself a little to the Clear Skin Army as the practicality of this kit has not changed since I first tested the products. The Exfoliate-Treat-Moisturize mantra has been extremely easy to follow on a daily basis. I did not always need to ‘Treat’ my skin with the SOS Target Treatment. I was even able to skip that step sometimes making my routine with this kit even simpler. When I felt my skin needed an extra bit of care I would use the Exfoliant as a facemask (two times a week). I literally needed only these three products to make my skin happy. Considering I started the month slightly concerned about my skin, which was speedily drying and breaking out. I am pleasantly surprised by its current good condition, which I can only put down to the Clear Skin Army Starter Kit.

# Portability

So, I live in a different country than my family, which means I have to fly to get home for Christmas. The restriction for liquids in a carry on bag is 100ml. It also has to be labeled with this info. As I was packing it occurred to me that I might not be able to take the Exfoliant (the biggest bottle) on my flight cue dramatic music! Which would have made it somewhat difficult to review the product… luckily I checked and hallelujah it was exactly 100ml (and labeled on the bottle). So 10/10 for portability…not only is there no risk of a product explosion in my bag due to the hardiness of the packaging. But they are also the perfect size to travel with!

# Performance

This will be short and sweet… these products perform exactly how they say they will. The Exfoliant works well for exfoliation. The SOS Target Treatment effectively targets and helps get rid of pimples.  The Controlling Cream moisturizes while not leaving your skin sticky. A simple product review for a lovely simple kit!

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