Baby It’s Me – Brand Philosophy

At It’s Me Beauty we believe a skin-care routine should be unpretentiously simple, effective and cool. In other words, less drama and stress, and more time for fun! Life is complicated enough as it is. 

Which three products would we take with us to a deserted island?

After years of suffering from skin issues ourselves, we set about creating the product lines that we wished we had. Instead of running after every trend, we drank our smoothies and spent a lot of time discussing our wishes and concerns with a team of skin-care experts and scientists. We put our trust in scientifically-proven opinion, personal experience and common sense. We came up with the products we wanted to use ourselves! Our Exfoliate-Treat-Moisturize mantra was born! 

Our Skin-Care Lines 

As a result of our research, we came to the conclusion that acid exfoliants are the crucial step in our skin-care routines, whether the focus is on acne control, anti-aging, or just bringing out our natural glow.  Another one of our goals is to have a clean ingredient list and keep it pretty short, because long doesn’t mean better. Long means complicated, and that makes it hard to identify ingredients which might be causing bad reactions. 

Our products are all made in EU, which means we strictly follow all EU regulations. No exception. Additionally, our laboratory has the ISO certification. We totally agree that trust is good but control is better ;). We have limited all ‘controversial’ ingredients to an absolute minimum in our formulations, so that we can be certain to avoid potential skin irritations without sacrificing the stability of the formulas.

Moreover, Animal Testing is banned in the EU.  Thank you EU! Testing on animals is unethical, bad, senseless and totally heartless. We love animals and they don’t deserve to suffer for our beauty. Our products are vegan! 

We at It’s Me Beauty have developed “Clear Skin Army” and “Make Me Glow” lines that we are proud of.  It’s simple, liveable, and it works!


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