Baby It’s Cold Outside – Skin Care Regime for Winter Skin

 Winter Skin

# What’s up with winter skin?


An old wives’ tale about acne is that it improves in the summer and gets worse in winter. We have good and bad news for you. The good news is that this is a complete myth! A study has shown that out of a total of 229 patients a significant proportion (56.33%) noticed an aggravation in summer, while only 11.35% worsened in winter.

The bad news is that while winter may not be as cruel to our acne it is still damaging to our skin and requires a totally different skin care routine. Colder climates, brutal winds, and dehydrating indoor heating are all enemies to our skin leaving it vulnerable to dryness, redness, and sensitivity. All this combined with oily acne-prone skin is enough to give anyone nightmares! Not to mention the lack of sun leaving us (okay maybe just me) with a ghoulish pallor – goodbye glow see you next spring.

# What’s up with winter skin care routines? 

Now we have talked about the gloomier effects of winter let’s move onto something jollier (in the Christmas spirit) – our skin care routine! We can finally crack out our brightening and exfoliating treatments, because due to lower UV levels skin is less vulnerable to damage when you go outside (read more). Maybe the only benefit of less sun? 

So, the first step Integrating acid exfoliation (Glycolic Acid 7% + BHA Exfoliant) into your skincare regime can do wonders in removing the dry skin caused by the cold. It is also a great way to eliminate oiliness so, two birds one stone! 

Step two… Choose the right moisturizer and non-drying treatments. Our Controlling Cream is a great solution to keeping the skin moisturized giving us back some well-needed hydration that has been sucked away by the wind and scratchy scarves (we love winter fashion but all those hats, scarf’s and cozy coats rubbing against our skin can cause major dryness!).

Step three Recovery Balm  (stay tuned!). This stuff is great at soothing and brightening your poor battered skin. Olive, tea seed, and calendula oils restore the natural moisture balance and calm stressed skin.

# Last but not least

Repeat and relax. Be consistent with your skin care routine and your skin will love you for it. After coming home from hectic gift buying and battling the winter winds take some time to get cozy and relax. Practice self-love – make some hot cocoa put on your fuzzy socks and treat your skin to a pamper. Also, check out our second collaboration of the year with Christina Kohlmus to put you in the festive mood!

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 P.s.  Sophie thank you! 
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