Baby Go Wash Your Face!

By the time you are 20 you have likely washed your face around 15,000 times. It’s a wonder our faces haven‘t melted off. We should be experts by now right? Wrong! Washing our faces sounds so simple and yet many of us are screwing up this first crucial step. Here are the dos and don‘ts of cleansing your face.

1.  DO wash your face twice a day!

It is absolutely, totally and completely, 100% crucial that you perform your skin-care routine twice a day diligently. In the morning we need to wash off all the dead skin cells and sweat that have accumulated during the night. In the evening we have to wash off the day‘s dirt, grime, bacteria, make-up, and God only knows what you have put on your face. Never go to bed angry and never go do bed without washing your face.

But what if I‘m really tired? I usually try to get this out of the way as early as possible, sometimes right when I get home, because I know I will be tired later and I would never want to neglect my skin. It works so hard for us. Treat it with love!

2.  DON’T use soap.

It’s important to choose a PH-balanced cleanser. Soaps are really drying. Obviously you don‘t want that if your skin is dry, but even if you have oily skin soap is a no-no. The drying effect causes oily skin to overproduce even more oil, and the high PH is a breeding ground for bacteria.

3.  DO use your fingers.

I see some people applying cleanser then wiping it off with little dainty cotton balls. It is also really tempting to use wipes. But that won‘t cut it. It leaves behind too much residue. You need to really get that dirt and grime out of your skin, so take a good cleanser and massage it in. Then use lots of warm water from the tap and rinse it all off. I used to make the mistake of filling the sink and using that water to rinse, until it occurred to me that I was rinsing my face with the dirt and bacteria in the water.

4.  DON‘T wash your face with really hot water.

I know, I love a hot shower too. Especially early on a winter morning. But cleansing your face with hot water dries out your skin and overstimulates oil production in oily skin. It can even damage your delicatre skin tissue. Go for luke warm and your face will thank you later.

5.  DO be careful!

Be careful not to scrub too hard! We talked about this before. Squishing, squeezing, rubbing and scrubbing can rupture the hair follicles and create acne cysts. We at ItsMeBeauty prefer a gentle wash followed by acid exfoliation. Chemical a.k.a. acid exfoliation is like deep cleaning the junk way down in your pores where your cleanser can’t reach.

What about mechanical exfoliation? I love my microabrasion towel too because it leaves my skin feeling soft. But it really only gets the surface stuff, and if I have a pimple or blemish I have to be really careful to stay away from those areas. If you scrub too hard, you can irritate the hair follicles and create more pimples. To get deep down and clean out those pores without irritating them, nothing beats acid exfoliation.


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