Skincare Routine for Oily & Acne-prone Skin: Internet BS

I’m seeing so much BS on the internet about skincare routines for acne-prone and oily skin, and it drives me nuts. Let’s spill the tea guys.

1. Really? “Exfoliate two times a week”

Why? Why just two times? Who told you that? I exfoliate every day and I do deeper exfoliation a few times a week. My advice to you, read the instructions of the product very carefully and listen to your skin. Many exfoliants are made for a daily use, because they are mild and do not irritate the skin. Some exfoliants are made for a weekly use. That means you don’t want to use them every day. Trust the experts! Moreover, the overall condition of your skin is very important. If you have oily skin, you want to prevent breakouts and clogged pores. If you have very sensitive skin, every day exfoliations perhaps is not a good idea. Listen to your skin, Baby!

My skin is breaking out at the moment, so I’m using our Glycolic Acid 7% + BHA as a quick exfoliant every day AM and PM. Additionally, I use it twice a week as a 10-minute mask to get really deep into my pores.

2. Why “Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize”?

Hello Stone Age? Oh sorry, hello Toner Age! First of all, double-cleanse your face. Remove your makeup first, and then start cleansing your skin (read more here). Good cleansing is really very important, especially if you are suffering from breakouts. If you are using a toner, and you can see the rest of your makeup on the cotton pad, you are doing it wrong. Personally, I don’t use any toner. Why should I use a toner, if I cleanse my face correctly in the first place? What the hell is a toner? Help, can anybody explain that to me? Instead I use an exfoliant.

Exfoliate-Treat-Moisture. No words needed. I live for it. Sorry, not sorry for that.

3. Outdated “Use a facemask once a week”

Which mask? We love masking. Charlotte Tilbury uses her own facemasks as often as she likes, or her skin needs. Why should we treat our skin differently? Who told you that? I always listen to my skin, and yes, I read the instructions of the products very carefully. Call me a skincare nerd 🙂

I use a clay-clarifying mask as often as need. I use our exfoliators as a 10-minute mask twice a week. After the exfoliation, I put a clay mask on my oily T-Zone and a boosting mask on the rest of my face. Sounds spoiled? My oily combination skin loves it.

4. Crazy-Do-It-Yourself Stuff!

Oily skin and breakouts can be very challenging. Unconventional methods can sound very promising. Guys, please be very careful. I see a lot of crazy DIY-stuff online that makes me roll my eyes. There is a good reason why people study chemistry and later work in laboratories. Just think about it.

I’ve never tried vinegar on my face and I don’t really know if I want to. Be careful. 

5. Warning “Massage essential oils into your skin”!

This one is really bad and dangerous. No, Baby, don’t do that. Never ever. Essential oils are essences. They are strong, and they can really irritate your skin very badly. ‘That is not my Halloween mask, that is my face’ doesn’t sound so cool, does it? Most of them cannot be applied directly to your skin – not even on small areas! Do your research, before using any essential oil as part of your skincare routine, and read very carefully how to use them.

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