Is Skin Care Manly?

Is Skin Care Manly? 

Only for girls? Let’s see…

Hi guys, I’m Agustin. Now, in my mid 30s I look back over my life, like I’m sure everyone does, comparing the past with the present and recognizing how much I have changed (I hope so! 🙂 ).

I will never forget the thrills of adolescence – all those crazy hormones flying around, the good times with friends, sneaking around to drink alcohol (please don’t do it!), and of course them – girls. I remember I was too shy to ask them out… You don’t want to believe me, but we guys can be very insecure too.

One thing I remember that is definitely not on my nostalgia list however, is the appearance of those unwanted yellow friends – pimples, those acne-breakouts that horrified many of us. Back then, I thought that using creams and stuff for the skin was only for girls. As a man, I never considered daring to use beauty and skin care products. As everyone knows, adolescents can be really mean to each other. I wouldn’t have dared, in all the trips I took with my friends, to take out any creams – not even sunscreen! Forget it. I would have ended as dead meat. Just kidding, but you know adolescence is a hard time.

Nowadays, as a doctor, I have a lot of stress going on, not enough hours to sleep or to eat calmly, and therefore little time for personal care. I’m not complaining, because I love my job! And as a result, those acne-breakouts I had in my adolescence have appeared again. Probably stress- or poor-diet related. I started thinking, hey, still think skin care is only for girls? No buddy, not anymore. I don’t care if people say using cream for skin care is not “manly”. I want to look nice and fresh for me and my patients. So I am using creams and I feel really cool about. I don’t think cream and skin care belong only to women. Hey, after all it’s the 21th century… Do we still believe in gender roles? 

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  1. “I appreciate this content. I know that acne is a problem with psichaly bad conseguence. Is not easy share a social life with this estetical problem. Certaly the bad attitude like the smoke, the alcool and the bad nutrition are one of the most important factors. Prevent this problem and using hight quality cream for a deeply cleance i agree is a good solution”

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